Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Our 2017 Bookfair was a great success! What a wonderful and supportive community we have here at BPMS! I hope everyone enjoyed our special guest...Clifford the Big Red Dog!!

Monday, October 2, 2017

We started the school year with a  FANTASTIC author visit!! Katherine Roy, author of "How To Be An Elephant" captivated BPMS students! Ms. Roy also wrote, "Neighborhood Sharks". We are thrilled to have her books in our library! 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Friday, June 9, 2017

The PreK students were the very first class to return all their library books this school year!!

They won an ice cream party in our new outdoor classroom! It was a beautiful day & just look at those happy (sticky) faces!!

Friday, June 2, 2017

 Kindergarten students are learning how to tell a story from beginning to end using this interactive guide to creative story telling. The brightly colored blocks help students spin a tale! The blocks cover all the bases from conflict, characters and plot and more. 

Third & fourth grade scholars are putting their final touches on their creative writing. They used Storybird to write original fiction. Today they are reading each others' published work and providing constructive feedback and praise. 

Live streaming fledgling robins from the library window! 

watch here:

Friday, May 12, 2017

I tweaked a Nearpod Digital Citizenship lesson for 3rd & 4th grade scholars. This is interactive for students, and includes multiple choice and open ended questions, a poll, and the opportunity for students to create their own Super Digital Citizen! Preview the lesson by tabbing through. 

Kindergarten Book Review. Apparently fairies are real!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

This month's book recommendation!
This is a three part series that 3/4 students are really devouring! (wink wink)
Gladys Gatsby has been cooking gourmet dishes since the age of seven, only her fast-food-loving parents have no idea! Now she’s eleven, and after a crème brûlée accident (just a small fire), Gladys is cut off from the kitchen (and her allowance). 

She’s devastated but soon finds just the right opportunity to pay her parents back when she’s mistakenly contacted to write a restaurant review for one of the largest newspapers in the world. But in order to meet her deadline and keep her dream job, Gladys must cook her way into the heart of her sixth-grade archenemy and sneak into New York City—all while keeping her identity a secret! Easy as pie, right?

 (Credits to Amazon)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Collaborating with 3/4 teacher Mrs. Aitkin, on our students' Westward Expansion Project! 
I've shared a tutorial with the class showing them how to use Google My Maps so they may plot their journey across the country. As they place pins on our class map, they may add photos, record narration and add historical data, to create a wonderfully interactive presentation of their learning! 

I created a quick & helpful google slideshow for third grade students. When it's appropriate to use "google" for searching....try these tips!

Our super digital citizens at BPMS are at it again! Third & fourth grade students are completing a performance task and creating public service announcements for our school wide morning meeting!
Students are now members of the "Technology Task Force" and have been given the challenge of educating our community about internet safety. 

Working in collaborative groups, students will  aim to educate others about topics like digital footprint, cyber-bullying, secure passwords and safe internet communication. Creativity & innovation are encouraged! Using their proficiency rubric, students will review another team's video and provide feedback to peers. 

After revisions and practice students will present their PSAs to our BPMS community!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Students are using Storybird in the library to write poetry. Very creative souls these 3rd & 4th grade scholars! 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I'm passionate about teaching and practicing a Growth Mindset. Here is an excellent video for teachers and parents to start the dialogue. 

This week's precept.

Some very original creations from our Caine's Arcade Cardboard Challenge. A "claw" machine complete with stuffed toys that can be viewed through a window.....A lookout tower for a pirate ship, with a flag that raises up on a pulley....and a 18 foot long marble run! For more exciting ideas about what you can do in your MakerSpace.....see my MakerSpace Guide on the home page of this blog.
The best part of "I love to read and write" week was our special guest, Vermont's reigning Poetry Slam Master, Geof Hewitt!! Geof conducted writing workshops with each classroom and collaborated with students to create free form poetry. Students couldn't wait for the last hour of the day....our very first student led Poetry Slam!! What a hoot! I'm so proud of our students for their enthusiasm and bravery...they jumped in feet first to share their original work! Thank you, Geof Hewitt for your dedication to and support of our students during this special event! 

During "I love to read and write" week, students decorated paper grocery bags from Beaudry's General Store with their book recommendations! After every student had decorated a bag (or 2) I brought them back to the store. Beaudry's store will use them for their patron's groceries! How fun to share our love of reading with our community!💚
A great little poster to hang in your MakerSpace...or design your own! I love the steps and vocabulary of this one...model, "breadboard", engineer, prototype....
What is it? The first part of this rubric helps teachers guide students in grades 3-5 in using an effective process for innovation in various phases of a project, and it can be used to assess their performance. 
This is an excellent resource for MakerSpaces

Remember "Lindbergh: The Tale of a Flying Mouse"? Well, I think we have a new favorite by author Torben Kuhlmann. Take a moment to watch this beautifully animated trailer of Kuhlmann's "Armstrong: The Adventurous Journey of a Mouse to the Moon". The book ends with a brief history of human space travel—from Galileo’s observations concerning the nature of the universe to man's first steps on the moon. I'm enamored with the illustrations and creative tale. My students were so captivated, they were genuinely anxious to hear me read the historical section!
Highly recommended by librarian and BPMS scholars!
"Some inventors like to find the simplest solution to a problem. Others, not so much."

Coming this spring...The first annual BPMS Rube Goldberg Challenge! This is going to be epic!

Our new Library motto at BPMS!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Brewster Pierce students were delighted to have a visiting author this week. They were even more excited to meet the star of the book, "Hobbes" the Dachshund! A sweet story of an adopted dog and his second chance at life, "Hobbes Goes Home" is a favorite picture book in our library.

Every student was able to personally meet and greet "Hobbes" after the story hour as he made his way through classrooms. We thank Mr. Zeman for donating additional autographed copies of this wonderful story to our BPMS library!!

Mrs. Aitkin's class dove into the "Cardboard Challenge" this week, with excitement and creative juices flowing! After watching the short video below, students were challenged to design, create & innovate using leftover cardboard destined for the recycling bin.

The "Global Cardboard Challenge" allows children to explore their interests and passions!

The challenge teaches valuable 21st Century skills, such as critical thinking, resourcefulness, perseverance and teamwork!

The ability to dream, take chances, and create the things we imagine… these are the skills of entrepreneurs, innovators and change makers.

Here you can watch Caine's story (Caine's Arcade)and become inspired to create using just your imagination and cardboard!

Friday, January 20, 2017


Connect * Construct * Contemplate * Continue

Learners are given an open-ended task that allows them to find their own solution to the challenges placed before them. Active engagement in problem solving encourages students to CONNECT to their own interests and motivations. By learning through tactile experience, students CONSTRUCT knowledge in their minds. Collaboration with others extends their learning even further!  Through CONTEMPLATION students ask reflective questions about the content and process of their learning. Every LEGO task ends with a new task that builds on what has just been learned. Students are encouraged to CONTINUE their explorations.....extending their learning beyond the classroom.
BPMS Preschoolers enjoying their favorite dinosaur, motorcycle & StarWars books!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Digital Superheros!

BPMS 3 & 4th grade students are learning how to be good digital citizens! Using Nearpod, to deliver an interactive classroom experience, I created a series of lessons covering privacy & security, digital footprint, internet safety and cyberbullying.

In this lesson, students explored which qualities and actions actually make a good digital citizen. Students then each created a digital superhero with special powers to keep people safe online!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

3/4 students are gearing up for their first BPMS Library MakerSpace challenge by watching "Caine's Arcade!"

Inspired by Caine's incredible imagination and resourcefulness, students are excited to dream, design, build and share! Stay tuned! I can't wait to see their projects!
"The Mysterious Benedict Society" by Trenton Lee Stewart, is our favorite book of the week! 4th grade BPMS students are raving about this series.

"Are you a gifted child looking for special opportunities?"
When this peculiar ad appears in the newspaper, dozens of children enroll to take a series of mysterious, mind-bending tests. (And you dear reader can test your wits right along side them). But in the end just four very special children will succeed. Their challenge: to go on a secret mission that only the most intelligent and resourceful children could complete. With their newfound friendship at stake, will they be able to pass the most important test of all?

BPMS Precept of the week!